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The cryptoslamics are an algorithmically generated set of 5000 NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain. It is the genesis collection of Funoon Studio, the creative agency of These NFTs will be released in 5 batches over the course of 2022, via the Funoon marketplace, with the first 'drop' of 1,000 NFTs in January 2022.
We are really excited to bring you these digital avatars that reflect the breadth and diversity of Muslim communities globally, that represent the range of people all across the world that are taking part in the web 3.0 revolution.

Utility NFTs

Whilst we believe the Cryptoslamic collection is aesthetically very pleasing and the individual characters have a huge personality, we are clear that the Utility of NFTs will be the driving force behind retaining and sustaining an individual NFTs value over the longer term. To this end, the Cryptoslamic collection will have increasing use cases as the platform evolves. In the first instance, the NFTs will unlock transaction fee discounts and provide exclusive access to early drops in a phase 2 release of Funoon, later in 2022. Over the years more and more benefits will be provided to genesis NFT holders, making the Cryptoslamics collection, in our opinion, a key cultural moment in the development of faith-inspired Blockchain technology.

Fair release

In line with the concept of a fair release, there will be no pre-sale or private sale of the NFTs. An overall % of 5% will be kept back for marketing and partnership purposes (50 cryptoslamics for each batch of 1,000 NFTs), with the rest sold on a FCFS basis. So it will be a case of, those who know, know. This is why it is important if you are interested in Funoon NFTs to be a part of our Telegram and Discord channels (links are available at the bottom of the website).