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Our mission is powered by a desire to create a self-sustainable and all-inclusive ecosystem through the NFT marketplace; to educate the creative arts and cultural district and communities on the transformative power of distributed ledger technology through Funoon Academy and to provide mechanisms to support the 17 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations through Funoon Foundation.
The target market of Funoon (Lit: ‘Arts’) is a technophile global community that is as interested in giving back to society, as it is in gaining rewards. From the East to the West, Funoon intends to pave the way for an all inclusive global Web 3.0 platform, promoting entrepreneurship, digital asset creation, education and innovation, driven by ethical values and a higher purpose.
Our vision is for a world where creative arts, sports and culture can flourish in an economically viable manner, whilst simultaneously creating a positive impact for the less fortunate amongst us.