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Empowering Muslim artists, sports personalities and cultural icons to create on-chain NFT experiences whilst giving back to communities.
We help Muslim artists and influencers build sustainable and royalty-based revenue streams for their digital content, and connect them with audiences from all around the world.


Currently, there is no platform which houses Muslim NFT-related content anywhere in the world, and is the first in the market to bring together NFTs by Muslim artists and influencers/sports personalities under one roof. also innovates by being the first platform which allows the creator to set a percentage of the sale price to go to charity (in addition to setting their own creator royalty-fee).

Our mission is to empower Muslim artists, sports personalities and cultural icons to create on chain NFT experiences whilst giving back to communities through a strong philanthropic dimension, and our vision is for a world where the creative arts, sports and culture of Muslim communities can flourish in an economically viable manner, and these traditions are able to create ripple effects of benefit the world over.


NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, not only represent digital scarcity, but are innovative pieces of code built on web 3.0 technologies that facilitate entirely new economic models of membership, patronage and fundraising. At, we are bringing these technologies to the Muslim world. is the first global NFT platform for the creative arts, sports and culture of Muslim communities.

About Us

Shah Sheikh and Mohammed Imran set up in April 2021, as there was no faith-inspired NFT platform available for Muslims, and they together envisioned a platform which not only provided a new economic model of patronage and sponsorship of Muslim arts, culture and sports, but would also provide a new model for fundraising in the 21st century. is pioneering in a market (Muslim-related NFTs) likely to be worth at least $2.7 billion by 2024, with at least an annualised 5%+ growth rate until 2040.

Estimated value of Muslim related NFTs vs Year

We’re based in the UK and the UAE, and this global reach gives us an appreciation of the artistic, cultural and sporting interests of Muslims, from both, the diaspora communities, as well as the Muslim world. We believe in the disruptive power of distributed ledger technologies to allow a range of new business models of patronage to emerge, and many trends are already noticeable in successful NFT platforms such as NBA Top Shot and OpenSea.

The Muslim Arts, Culture and Sports scene in 2021 spans across the literary, comic, art, film, music, theatre, sports and collectibles industries, and we believe storing immutable details of transactions and ownership on the blockchain will solve issues such as provenance and authenticity, as well as ensuring that a creators’/influencers’ intellectual property is protected and recompensed over the long term.

Whilst we are launching our project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – for the very practical reason of their comparatively inexpensive gas fees (when compared to Proof-of-Work Ethereum) – we believe that NFT creators and collectors in the future will be chain-agnostic, and NFT assets will co-exist on a number of interoperable blockchains. For this reason Funoon will provide cross-chain functionality in 2022.

Our Team

Shah H. Sheikh

Co-Founder and CEO
An entrepreneur and a cyber security advisor with a passion for all things digital arts, crypto and technology.
A cyber security industry thought-leader and entrepreneur of multiple successful start-ups in different technology domains – cyber security, social impact crowdfunding platform and spiritual empowerment.

With over 18 years of industry experience and having worked for multi-national organizations and leading his various startups. He has built his reputation as a trusted cyber security and data privacy advisor whilst remaining focused on niche faith-driven startups.

He has founded Sadaqah – Ummah Crowdfunding; a global social impact crowdfunding platform for visionary Muslims. Along the journey, he has also founded Dhikr mobile app which aims to improve the spiritual connection and consistency in the remembrance of our Creator. His passion for technology, digital arts, crypto and social impact led him to co-found Funoon – the world’s first faith-inspired digital arts marketplace built on NFT.

Mohammed Imran

Mohammed Imran is an ardent technologist with nearly 20 years spent working in Management Consultancy, FinTech, Blockchain, and Social Enterprise for some of the world’s most prestigious companies. He is an award winning social activist, who loves to think about solving systemic challenges through an innovative use of disruptive technologies. He has a grounding in the Islamic Sciences having studied for an MA in Arabic and Persian at the University of Oxford, and further developed these studies at the Insitut Francais d’etudes Arabes De Damas

Sell Your Creation is a web 3.0 platform which allows you to create digitally authenticated assets(artworks, digital memorabilia, in-game assets, and much more). Our platform is built around communities that are interested in Muslim arts, culture and sports, and so we encourage you to mint your own NFTs on that fit into one of these three broad categories.

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