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Form for Artists’/Digital Creative’s registration to apply for an ‘NFT drop’ slot.

Dear artist/digital creative, we are looking to host NFT drops for up to 50 digital creatives over the initial launch period of 6 months for Funoon. NFTs are a new way to experience digital scarcity, and web3 utility, and as such we want to wow the global Muslim community with 50 excellent NFT drops that capture the zeitgeist in 2022. They can be images, photographs, video files (shorts), and other digitally unique content. Please see our community guidelines for what we deem acceptable, and all content to be ‘dropped’ must be a creative artist’s own work and they must possess the full copyright to that work. If in doubt, drop us a line on 

Please upload up to 4 files of your intended NFT drops on Funoon. Please note our NFT drops are extremely exclusive, and as such an NFT drop is not guaranteed. The files do not need to be of high resolution, they are just indicative at this moment in time for scheduling and approval of an NFT drop. [upload files here].

We will respond to all entries, even if we are unable to facilitate an NFT drop for you. If approved, you will need to go through a KYC process before the NFT drop can be scheduled.