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Ethical Screening and Community Guidelines


To develop a new support system for digital artists, collectors and curators, everyone in the ecosystem must have mutual respect among themselves. We want to set a few key expectations and rules for everyone while providing an unprecedented level of cultural openness. By embodying these ideals and working with us, we can create a welcoming community that empowers both collectors and creators alike.
Funoon along with Amanah Advisor have developed an ethical-screening criteria. The Funoon Marketplace seeks to host NFTs which add value to people’s lives and bring benefit, such as:
  1. Educational content
  2. Motivational content
  3. Inspirational content
  4. Spiritual content
  5. Cultural content


For anything truly new to be introduced, we must lead by the values of kindness and inclusivity. In building a community that is accepting of all; displaying respect and care for one another is crucial.
To gain a deeper understanding of our community values and ideals, please join the Funoon Discord and Telegram channels. In these spaces, you’ll find creators and collectors conversing about the creative process. Furthermore, we leverage social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to support one another and share content to the world.


Artists, content creators, photographers and other digital creatives are at the centre of everything we do. As a result, they are the ones to determine the authenticity of work uploaded to Funoon. Verified creators will have the equivalent of an Instagram ‘blue tick’. It is vitally important to build trust in a community in order to sustain it over time.
Funoon allows you to mint and sell NFTs in the following ways:
All of your rights to the original work remain with you, including the copyrights and trademarks.
Using your piece, you can replicate it, distribute it, exhibit it, and make derivative works.
As a creator, you are not allowed to:
Uploading someone else's work that is protected by copyright or otherwise proprietary is not allowed.
NFTs representing the same piece cannot be created multiple times, unless offered as a multi-token collection (BEP-1155 token standard). However, pieces from a series that relate to each other are acceptable.


NFT collectors are providing patronage to the arts (and also charities, in the case of Funoon NFT collectors), in a way that provides sustainable revenue sources for digital creatives.
On Funoon, you can showcase/use your NFT in the following ways:
Trade the NFT token that is represented on the blockchain
Display/Share the NFT token in a physical/virtual manner
Make use of any utilities offered by the NFT token (e.g. access to unlocked content; access to specific virtual/in-person events; discounts of transaction fees; airdrops of related NFTs by the NFT creator)
Collectors are not allowed to:
Claim rights to ownership, copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property relating to the NFT token
Make commercial use of the artwork.
Modify the artwork.
Share NFT content in an intolerant, cruel, or hateful context.
Create additional NFT representations of the same artwork.


The following types of NFTs will not be permitted onto the Funoon Marketplace.
  1. Promoting and representing any unethical financial practices
Interest-based lending and borrowing
Unethical trading.
  1. Promoting or representing alcohol, intoxicants, and unlawful substances.
  2. Offensive representations and offensive comments to any faith or any faith-related value.
  3. Depiction of sacred personalities.
  4. Sexualised content.
  5. Immodest content which reveals the private body areas of males and females.
  6. Promoting/representing anti-social behaviour.
  7. Promoting/representing ideas and concepts that do not align with the Islamic values.
  8. Unethical audio.
  9. Anything incongruous with the values of Funoon.
Disclaimer: The screening criteria excludes those things which are agreed upon by the Islamic jurists as problematic in the Islamic faith. Matters which are debatable among different scholars have been left to user discretion. Every person is encouraged to adhere to their values and scholarly guidance.


It’s as simple as this: don’t lie, spam, steal, hurt people, or show hatred. Feel free to contact us via if you encounter any of these behaviors.
A weekly audit shall be scheduled to review the NFTs listed on the platform upon which if a creator who engages in any of these practices or violates any of our ethical screening criteria may be suspended if we determine the account is engaging in such behavior.


Creating the infrastructure for a healthy NFT ecosystem is our main objective. We have created the following rules to ensure a well-functioning and healthy ecosystem.
Your content should only be shared if you own the rights to it.
Sharing content that depicts other people is only appropriate with their permission.
No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or unsuitable content will be allowed on Funoon as we are creating a family friendly environment on Funoon.
Hateful, racist, provocative, immoral, pornography, and violence are not permitted – further details are provided in “Ethical Screening Criteria”.
All content must conform to applicable laws in the jurisdiction within which you reside.
Tolerance and respect for others are key in the Funoon community.