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Funoon Studio

Funoon Studio is the in-house design and creative agency of Funoon. It’s the skunkworks lab where there is a lot of autonomy for our designers and devs to create new and inspiring NFT collections that have an innovative use-case or capture the spirit of young technophile Muslims today. Whilst we are working on our own collections (e.g. the Cryptoslamics), we are also available to work with brands, and organisations to come up with something truly unique and magical that would both benefit our client, as well as creating purposeful impact in the web3 world.
We are particularly excited about Ramadan 2022, where we feel Funoon can make a real impact in the field of purposeful charitable NFTs, that provide crucial ‘gift utility’ to donors, as well as helping address honourable and much needed causes such as poverty alleviation, supporting orphans and creating sustainable livelihoods across the world.