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Cryptoslamic - Funoon NFT

Cryptoslamics – Faith-led, Art of Inclusion NFTs with Utility.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have evolved beyond being a craze in the crypto space to receiving mainstream interest. NFTs are unique digital cryptographic assets stored on a blockchain and as they represent something exclusive and no two pieces are identical, they appeal as a new version of collectibles. NFTs come in the digital form of images, videos, gifs etc. with projects spanning several fields including gaming, art and sport. In the past year, big brands such as Adidas dropped their own NFTs. The digital collectible sneakers backed by physical sneakers and other products attracted crypto investors but also drew sneakerheads to the NFT market. The Adidas NFT launch sold out shortly after, earning over $22 million. Such projects have given us an insight into the real-life uses of NFTs and their demand.
The collectible industry has been rocked by various digital projects but one project in particular has arguably triggered the NFT movement. CryptoPunks by Larva Labs debuted in 2017 and was the start of CryptoArt. The collection consists of 10,000 tokens each with a distinct digital character inspired by London Punk. The randomly generated 24×24 pixel avatars represent misfits within society, resonating with the early crypto enthusiasts’ anti-establishment sentiment. CryptoPunks became one of the earliest digital NFT collections to be tokenised on Ethereum blockchain and has since gone on to be highly valuable due to its scarcity. Christie’s a British traditional auction house sold a collection of 9 CryptoPunks for $17 million in New York in 2021. The attention has highlighted benefits of digitalising art using blockchain technology, the ability to record and verify ownership and authenticity and the ease of transfer and selling.
Cryptocurrencies are growing not only in market size but also in popularity amongst Muslims. In recent years, dialogue over understanding blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, their adoption and permissibility have persisted. The staying power has had an impact globally from the Emirates Islamic bank adopting blockchain technology in the Middle East to a London-based Turkish mosque accepting donations in the form of Bitcoin. With NFTs now gaining traction, the Cryptoslamics genesis NFT collection by Funoon Studio hopes to reflect the diversity of Muslims in the international community partaking in the blockchain revolution. There are near to 2 billion Muslims worldwide, which make up approximately 25 % of the world’s population. Muslims are divided by the languages they speak, countries they live in and the ethnicities and communities they belong to. The Cryptoslamics are a collection of 5,000 digital avatars that represent the breadth and diversity of the global Muslim community. We have created a roughly equal split of males and females, with a myriad of cultures and regions represented, showcasing the places Muslims come from. We have also added special attributes such as glasses and even VR goggles as rarities to add a depth of character and individuality to the collectibles. There will never be more than 5,000 Cryptoslamics.
The algorithmically generated Cryptoslamics are valuable pieces of collectible crypto art with the potential to appreciate (please note, this is not investment advice). In addition to their aesthetic value, the NFTs possess evolving utility. Token holders will, later on in 2022, be able to benefit from perks such as discounts on transaction fees. Ownership of a Cryptoslamic NFTs will also unlock exclusive early-access NFT drops, as well as airdrops later on in 2022. Subscribe to our social media channels and newsletter to find out about the drop date for the first batch of 1000 Cryptoslamics in March 2022.