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Uzbek Islamic Art NFTs

Funoon’s NFT collaboration with Bukhari Islamic Art Exhibition features Islamic and contemporary art. Islamic art includes pieces from numerous cultures of Islamic societies devoted to remembering the Almighty. The Bukhari Islamic Art Exhibition is dedicated to Uzbek Islamic art and reflects on the great scholar Imam Al Bukhari’s collection of hadiths comprised of sayings and teachings penned in Quranic Arabic of prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Imam Al Bukhari was born in Uzbekistan and greatly influenced the heritage of the country. Uzbek artists were invited to create art pieces to showcase the Islamic lifestyle of Uzbeks inspired by hadith. The Bukhari Islamic Art Exhibition curated by Sevara Ibrokhim was organised together with the University of Leicester, the Economic & Social Research Council and the Bukhari International Programme. The collaboration with Bukhari Islamic Art Exhibition has seen Funoon develop NFTs from original artworks by five Uzbek artists from the collection. You are now able to explore the series of NFTs from these talented Uzbek artists. Artists span various genres from traditional miniaturists to more contemporary artists such as graphic and photographic artists. Each artist’s NFT drops address a concept in Sahih Al-Bukhari, these concepts include: mind, spirit, body, soul and life. More about the artists, their work and their NFTs featured on Funoon’s marketplace follow.

Davlat Toshev
Davlat Toshev is a miniaturist and calligrapher in Bukhara. He uses miniatures to depict the words of the beloved prophet (pbuh) from hadiths of Imam Bukhari. Thoughts, knowledge and wisdom are the main themes that run strongly throughout Davlat’s NFT artwork. The inspiration sought from hadiths of Imam Bukhari are reflected in the colours, patterns and motifs used by Davlat. He believes the beauty of Islam portrayed in his works will subconsciously result in the viewers’ appreciation for the religion. He is known for using tempera and watercolour paints with gold leaf on ancient and contemporary handmade silk paper. Davlat’s art has been exhibited all across Europe including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia, Spain and Ukraine.
Sheikha Abdullaeva
Sheikha Abdullaeva is a calligrapher from Tashkent and works at the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan. Sheikha studied calligraphy in both Tashkent and Sharjah (UAE), and has been a participant of festivals and cultural events both at home in Uzbekistan and internationally in Oman and UAE. One of her most notable pieces of art is located in the Holy Quran Academy in Sharjah. Her artwork includes combining calligraphy with other artforms including visual and installation art. Whilst preserving traditional calligraphy, the use of new approaches makes Sheikha more of a contemporary calligrapher. Although Sahih Al-Bukhari influences Sheikha’s artwork that has been minted as NFTs, she also makes reference to verses from the holy Quran. The topic of her art in this NFT collection is spirit, something that links the ummah and connects us to our creator. The NFTs consist originally of scripts in oil and ink, on various papers.
Mukhiddin A Lee
Mukhiddin A Lee is a professional and established photographer located in Tashkent with over 10 years of experience in various genres of photography. His photography has quickly gained popularity nationally and overseas. Mukhiddin has hosted solo exhibitions showcasing his work in China, Singapore and Uzbekistan. He is known for creating documentary-style portrait photography with a unique energy, and collaborates with local and international book and magazine publishers. The work created by Mukhiddin in this NFT collection is on the concept body. Mukhiddin believes values are instilled in us and develop with experiences. In Islam, hadith is a valuable guide on what is good or bad. Mukhiddin’s story telling through his digital images, aims to express the physical aspect of humanity, the universe, shapes and material forms with emphasis on their purity.
Yokub Beknazarov
Yokub Beknazarov studied at the Uzbekistan State Institute of Design and Fine Arts. Although Yokub is a contemporary artist mainly creating hand painted graphic art using pen and marker, he continues to incorporate traditional ancient and Islamic art into his pieces. His artwork has previously been displayed at exhibitions and biennales in Uzbekistan and South Korea. Yokub grew up reading hadiths from Sahih Bukhari, they are important to him and influence his life and work as he states they are the words of the prophet (pbuh) to the community. The series of pieces he has created based on hadith are of the concept soul and the emotional intelligence promoted by Islamic teachings. His compositions in this NFT collection consist of monotone designs with graphic lines and geometric forms.
Kamoliddin Abdullayev
Kamoliddin Abdullayev is an artist specialising in book painting and his artwork is built around religious themes. Imam Bukhari’s books and hadiths are a source of inspiration to Kamoliddin as he believes such works give his art deep meaning. Kamoliddin has stated Quran and hadith are also an integral part of his lifestyle and work ethics. His style is based on that of Kamoliddin Bekzod, a great miniaturist and book painter of the 14th and 15th century. Kamoliddin’s reputation spans beyond Uzbekistan and he is known for working on old papers in old style. His artwork has been displayed at solo exhibitions as well as festivals in Algeria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, France, Greece, Holland, India, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, the Kingdom of Oman, Russia, Turkey and Uzbekistan. The original NFT artwork featured has been created with tempera paint and gold leaf on handmade paper. The life themed NFTs translate the importance and thoughts on life and death using symbolic patterns.