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Funoon NFT Drop Series - Abdal Mufti

Introducing First NFT Drop from Abdal Mufti

Hardworking, humble, a creative individual with minimalist qualities, Abdal Mufti is a self-taught illustrator and storyteller based in Lahore, Pakistan. His early work consisted in the physical form of oil paintings and charcoal drawings on boxboard sheets and canvas. Since then, he has specialized in digital art including animations and illustrations to convey meaningful stories and capture a specific moment in time.

With Funoon, Abadl Mufti will be dropping a series of exciting NFTs:

Acquiring artistic skills through experimentation and without formal training has led Abdal to develop a unique style of exploring and fusing several mediums together. Abdal has been greatly influenced and guided by Vincent van Gogh’s art, echoing his use of vivid colours and the ability to express emotions through paintings.

The motivation behind Abdal’s work is to want the viewers to engage with his art pieces and find a sense of peace. As a consultant in the education sector, Abdal recognises we all have a sense of responsibility and uses his art to address often important and sensitive topics. He draws inspiration from traveling and observing others in society as well as from the books he reads, allowing his art and stories to resonate with his audience

Abdal also made an appearance on one of Pakistan’s fastest growing podcasts ‘thought behind things’ by Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi. His most notable collaboration so far has been with Oscar award winning documentary filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, for one of her animated short films. As well as being a nationally acclaimed visual artist, Abdal has received international acknowledgement through participating in exhibitions, including representing Pakistan at the 17th international Venice Architecture Biennale with exhibits of his visual art.

Abdal is constantly expanding his skill set and has most recently ventured into transforming his artwork into NFTs. With the holy month of Ramadan fast approaching, Abdal is partnering with Funoon to feature and host his genesis Islamic art NFT collection. ‘Asma Ul Husna’ is a series of 99 NFTs, hand-drawn digitally using Islamic calligraphy.

Each original NFT art piece was set on a dark red canvas etched in gold tones with one of the 99 names of Allah in Quranic Arabic. The color contrast from dark to gold signifies the transition from darkness into light, the ‘Noor’ of the Almighty that provides guidance. The art collection aims to encourage others to explore and reflect on the attributes of Allah.

Al-Baseer (The All-Seeing)

Ar-Razzaq (The Provider)

This Ramadan, the limited edition one of one digital collectibles with the ERC-721 standard will launch on Funoon’s marketplace with 3-4 NFT pieces dropping per day throughout the blessed month. With the sale of NFTs, initial buyers will be eligible to receive a printable copy of the artwork in high-resolution.

Buyers of the animated format of NFTs each with a narrated name of Allah will be airdropped an e-book consisting of all 99 names with their respective meanings. We invite you to explore the collection as a collector, investor but also as a gift giver as these NFTs make meaningful, spiritual and unique gifts for Eid!

“Do you not see that Allah has made subject to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth and amply bestowed upon you His favors, [both] apparent and unapparent?” [Qur’an 31:20]

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