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Funoon – Faith-Inspired NFT Marketplace featured in Salaam Gateway was recently featured in Salaam Gateway, a leading source of information on Halal Industries, Islamic Finance & Islamic Lifestyle, as the first fully functional faith-inspired NFT marketplace in the world.

Salaam Gateway’s article introduced the concept of NFTs to their readership, and focused on Funoon’s importance as a faith-inspired marketplace. Many people have heard the term NFTs, but are not entirely sure what they are, and how they provide value to creators and consumers.
To this end, the article highlights the way in which royalties can be paid in perpetuity to faith-inspired Islamic digital artists, for example, using smart-contract technology offered by Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) such as the Binance Smart Chain.
Funoon is a great place to learn about the evolving world of NFTs, and how they will shape the way in which we interact with each other, consume content, and show our online preferences and tastes. The article talks about the nascent but growing industry of faith-inspired NFTs, which is likely to follow the same trajectory of adoption as NFTs have in the general market.
We will see NFTs disrupt the creation, and consumption of Islamic digital art, and many other industries from brand assets, collectibles, ticketing, through to the third sector and digital philanthropy.
Funoon is unique in that it allows NFT creators and purchasers to donate BNB tokens to a charity wallet, which will then be liquidated into fiat currency and donated to a charity that is aligned to helping support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In this way, Funoon is not only creating new forms of digital patronage for creatives, but we are helping give back to communities all over the world.
Funoon is a Binance Smart Chain based NFT platform which allows the minting and trading of faith-inspired art and culture related NFTs. In addition to the marketplace, Funoon also runs the Funoon Academy, and Funoon Foundation. Two units that are focused on teaching and educating around NFTs and promoting philanthropy on the blockchain.
Funoon’s upcoming NFT platform launch was also covered in a new iteration of the highly successful Fortune magazine that has recently been launched in Indonesia for their market. Funoon was covered as part of their coverage of  faith-based projects and can be read here.
Funoon will have more exciting news about artists and organizations we are partnering with in the coming months, so please join our social media channels such as Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Medium.