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Funoon announces NFT collaboration with a collective of Islamic artists from Uzbekistan.

Funoon is excited to announce a collaboration with the Bukhari Islamic Arts Exhibition, which features the best Islamic and Contemporary art from Uzbekistan. The collaboration will see NFT drops from well renowned artists such as miniaturist Davlat Toshev, calligrapher Sheikha Abdullayeva and many more. The Bukhari Islamic Arts Exhibition was curated by Sevara Ibrokhim and was an international collaboration supported by the Economic & Social Research Council, the University of Leicester, and the Bukhari International Programme.

The Bukhari Islamic Arts Exhibition takes in inspiration from the eponymous hadith scholar Imam al Bukhari, who was famous for gathering authentic traditions of sayings of Prophet Muhammad. In this exhibition all the art pieces produced were inspired by one or several hadiths from his collection of authentic traditions.

Funoon will work to create NFT collections of the artwork in the exhibition for an NFT drop scheduled in March 2022. We will be featuring the artists in individual blogs, alongside showcasing their upcoming NFTs, which will be a unique opportunity to support Uzbek traditional Islamic arts in a digital format. To find out more about the Bukhari Islamic Arts Exhibition, you can visit this link.